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VA 88 “VaXinating” Protocol User Guide
Stages 1, 2 and 3

Determining the Degree of Infestation: (Please Circle the Stage Level of your Treatment Protocol)

Stage 1: No visible signs of infestation. This treatment is intended as preventive. Carefully follow each step of this Protocol.

Stage 2: Visible signs of infestation are present. Markings appear along the seams of mattresses. Eggs are visible under black light. Bed Bugs are hidden and are not seen. This treatment is intended to eliminate current infestation and prevent a future re-infestation. Carefully follow each step of this Protocol.

Stage 3: An extreme infestation. Stage 2 Signs of infestation are present and because the natural hidden habitats are over crowded adult bed bugs are visible. They may be seen crawling on walls and across floors. Carefully follow this Protocol for the target area and make a similar treatment of adjacent areas. Adjacent areas might mean rooms on each side and above and below the primary target area. This Protocol must be repeated in 3 days. Do not allow the treated areas to be re-occupied until the second application has been completed and the room re-inspected.

Failure to follow and attest to the completion of this Protocol may invalidate your Guarantee and significantly reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of treatment. Please read and complete carefully.

“VaXinate, Just Don’t Eliminate” what does this mean?
Although VA 88 is a powerful product that combines an immediate killing agent with a residual element that is guaranteed to remain lethal for a year from the date of application, its effectiveness depends heavily on its proper application. For this reason, this is a “partnership” that we share with you and together we know that you will achieve the same “breakthrough” results that others have already achieved.

VA 88 is nontoxic to all humans and their mammal pets. In some rare instances, some people may experience a mild drying of their skin when they come in contact with VA 88. For this reason, we recommend that when you are preparing the product you follow the safety instructions, wear gloves and avoid direct contact.

Although nontoxic to humans and other mammals, VA 88 is deadly to bed bugs. When applied as a fan spray, where it comes in contact with the bed bug, it acts to “digest” its outer waxy layer. It kills what it contacts and therefore this part of the process requires that bed bug infestations be exposed where ever they might be located in the target treatment area. This is the process that is said to “Eliminate” the bed bug. Remember that VA 88 is designed to be used in close proximity to human habitation and is intended to be applied to textiles and fabrics. It is into the tiny air spaces in the textiles and fabrics that VA 88 upon drying will leave a residue that will continue to remain lethal for a year from the date of application. The Guarantee does not provide that new bed bugs will not be reintroduced into the treated area as they likely will be; however, within 6 to 8 hours of reintroduction these newly infesting bed bugs will also be killed. Thus proper application not only “Eliminates” any current infestation, but through the residual lethality also provides the “VaXinating” effect. This secondary lethality is mechanical and it too is non toxic.

Preparing the Target Area: (Please Circle each number as completed)

1. Remove all debris from all floors, closets, drawers, shelves, medicine cabinets and any other enclosed areas. Vacuum carpets. Vacuum bag and debris should be placed in air tight plastic bags and sealed and placed in trash. Be careful that the sealed bags are not punctured as a punctured bag may cause infestation to spread.

2. Move all furnishings away from all walls by a space large enough to give you access.

3. Remove all drawers from all furniture having drawers and place drawers on end so that the inside and underside of all drawers are exposed and may be sprayed.

4. Remove all cushions and pillows from all chairs and couches. Place on the floor area so that they may be sprayed.

5. Close all drapes so that all surface areas are exposed so that they may be sprayed.

6. Loosen any head boards, pictures, wall hangings, and any other fixture abutting or attached to any wall or ceiling that may be affixed to any walls or ceiling so that “stream spray” may penetrate the space between these items and the wall or ceiling to which they were attached.

7. Open electrical outlets and switch boxes.

8. Remove all bedding and pillow cases from all beds carefully placing them in plastic bags and launder. Seal and dispose of the plastic bags. Replace after treatment has been completed.

9. Separate the box springs from the mattress so that the entire bed frame, its railings and wheel or support assemblies are exposed.

10. Fans and forced air units should be off while spraying.

11. Any flower arrangements or other décor items should be disassembled and all parts exposed.

12. DO NOT remove any of the furnishings or décor items from the target area as this may spread the infestation.

Treating the Target Area: (Please Circle each number as completed)

1. Because VA 88 is nontoxic, you need no special breathing apparatus though it is recommended that latex or rubber gloves be worn. Eye protection may also be worn as there may be some rare cases where some individuals report a slight irritation to the eyes that may occur during the spraying process. Should you come in contact with VA 88 it may be rinsed off with ordinary tap water.

2. Vigorously Mix VA 88 and pour into a dedicated sprayer. Be absolutely sure that no residue or any chemical, soap or detergent remains in the container, its hose or nozzle. Refill the container with distilled water only, rinsing any remaining content and add this to the VA 88 already poured into your sprayer. Follow dilution instructions carefully adding distilled water to the total amount of liquid prescribed. Do Not further dilute.

3. Be sure that the spray apparatus (1) does not include a filter which may be included in its tank or handle, remove if found, (2) be sure that the apparatus has both a “fan” and a “stream” or “pin stream” spray setting and (3) be sure to shake the mixture vigorously before beginning to spray. As you proceed, re-shake the container every 10 to 15 minutes. If the container is set to rest, re-shake before resuming spraying. If diffusion becomes difficult or impaired, you may need to remove the nozzle and rinse it with tap water. Failure to keep the nozzle clean will impede an even distribution or may cause the fan spray not to work at all.

4. Spray should be applied with nozzle about 30 inches from surface areas to be treated. Cover about 3 to 4 feet of area per second. Do NOT overlap. Using more will cause the particulates to clump when they dry and bed bugs will travel around them.

5. You may begin by using the “stream” or sometimes called the “pin stream” spray setting first by spraying all base boards beginning in the farthest corner of the room. The “stream” spray setting should also be used to treat around the contact areas exposed where objects attach to walls and ceilings have been exposed.

6. For best results the “stream” spray should also be used to treat all joints in furniture and any hard to reach locations.

7. The “fan” spray may also be used at all seams on both sides of box springs and mattresses. If there is a cover on the bottom of the box springs, remove and spray interior area. Bag removed material, seal and place in garbage.

8. The “fan” spray setting should be used to treat all window coverings and drapes. When one side is treated, the coverings and drapes should be “twisted” so that the reverse side is also exposed and these sides are also treated.

9. The “fan” spray is also to be used to treat all cushions and pillows and any other bedding. Be sure that each item is turned over so that all surfaces are treated. Likewise, all the disassembled drawers and other furniture parts that have been disassembled are to be “fan” sprayed. Be careful that all surfaces are treated as well as all undersides, rails and corners.

10. Using the “fan” spray and beginning in the farthest corner spray only the carpeted areas from which furniture has been removed and in particular the carpeted area directly under and around any beds. If carpet is coved be sure and spray behind any loose coving.

11. Using the “fan” spray evenly diffuse VA 88 over all surfaces of the box springs and mattress. Particular attention should be given to the treatment of seams and the underside of the box springs.

12. After the treated areas are dry to the touch and Before items have been re-assembled and returned to their former locations, turn off all lights, close all drapes and examine the treated areas with “black light” to confirm all furnishings, disassembled furniture and the carpeted area from which the furniture has been removed has been properly and thoroughly treated. Treated areas will sparkle or glow. Where sparkle or glow is low, retreat as prescribed above.

13. Once you have determined that the disassembled furnishings and intended areas have been properly treated, you may re-assemble the furniture, the bedding, the couches and chairs and other furnishings and return these items to their intended positions.
You may also resecure all items to walls and ceilings and untwist drapes and window coverings.

14. Using the “fan” spray and beginning in the farthest corner spray all remaining carpeted areas including closets and entry areas so that you are satisfied that all carpeting, where ever situated in the target area has been treated.

15. When you are satisfied that all areas that may harbor bed bug infestation have been treated, and After the treated areas are dry to the touch, turn off all lights, close all window coverings and re-examine the treated areas with “black light” to confirm that the entire target area has been properly treated. Where sparkle or glow is low, retreat as prescribed above.

16. Sign off on the scheduling Worksheet the date and time that this treatment and inspection was completed.


1. Read For Best Results.
2. Alcohol, ammonia or bleach products that mist on application will denature VA88.
Bed bugs, like most pests, possess innate abilities to survive and propagate. Your Partnership in this process is essential. Your respect and careful administration of this protocol will allow you to gain control over the target area eliminating infestation and at the same time “vaXinating” the treated area against a material reinfestation for a year.
Record of Application
I, the undersigned, attest that I have personal and first hand knowledge that the statements and information provided below is true and complete, and the prescribed protocol was completed in careful compliance with this Manual of Instruction.
1. Give date this protocol was completed: __________________.
2. For the Benefit of:
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3. Street and City where property is located:
4. Treated Area: ___________________________________
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5. By: __________________________________________. Print Your Name and Give Employee I.D. Number if Available
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