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Thank you for your interest in Applied Science Labs.

We are U.S.A. based, task oriented research and development company.  We also manufacture certain proprietary products.  VA 88 is a technological breakthrough that has come as a direct result of our search for a nontoxic and environmentally friendly solution to kill  Bed Bug and other infestations.  It kills bed bugs on contact and at the same time provides a preventive feature that leaves a treated area materially free of future infestation for up to a year. 
It is not our claim that more bed bugs or other targeted insect pests will not appear, as they very likely will.  Rather we guarantee that any re-infesting bed bug or other target insect pest will be dead in 6 to 8 hours of its re-introduction to the properly treated area.
Our prior experience with other scientifically based applications caused us to believe that some of the technologies used in those applications might be applicable to this task.  It has proven highly effective to kill bed bugs and other morphologically similar insect pests.  We believe this technology will yield other significant applications and we invite you to return regularly to this site to follow our progress.
You may reach us at:

Telephone:  619 825 2121

email:  appliedsciencelabs@att.net
Applied Science Labs
P.O. Box 2416 McKinney TX 75075
Bed Bugs Texas

Kills Bed Bugs on Contact

100% Nontoxic      No Stain      No Odor       Residual Control