All of our products are 100% safe for pets and children and old folks. The Bedbugs however die on contact.

We promise that our wonderful line of products will not leave a stain or residue.

All of our products are made from organic materials and leave no noticeable odor

After you use our solution your property will be covered and protected for up to one year.

Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

 Be ProActive.

Protect your guests and your reputation before either are damaged. Isn’t an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure….. especially when the solution is 100% nontoxic and economical to use?
Stop throwing out expensive furnishings! Where infestation does exist, eliminate it. Learn how to Kill Bed Bugs and Remain Free of Material Re-infestation for a Year….. also, Ants, Roaches, Fleas, Carpet beetles, Silverfish, Millipedes and Centipedes. Applied Science Lab’s “VA 88, VaXinate, Don’t Just Eliminate” is a “breakthrough” product.
It represents a true paradigm shift in control, elimination and prevention of bed bug and other pest infestations. VA 88 is the only environmentally friendly, 100% nontoxic pest elimination product that can PREVENT infestation and kills present infestation on contact and is guaranteed to prevent re-infestation. Results are guaranteed for a YEAR after proper application. Is this something you need to know more about?

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How VA 88 Works:

The “Eliminating and VaXinating” agent works as a type of “protein that is suspended in a colloidal form” which uses ordinary tap water as its base. The mixture is simply poured into the selected “spray” apparatus and filled with clean water. Pour in the pre-measured mixture which is a colloidal state liquid and add water. Shake and spray. A gallon of finished ready to use product will treat an area of approximately 1200 square feet and its furnishings.
When dry, darken the treated area, bring in the “black light”, turn it on and the product’s illuminating element will literally sparkle in the dark. Where there is no sparkle, treat or retreat. The “sparkle” provides an immediate visual confirmation to those that are tasked with application and those that supervise that a proper and effective treatment has been completed.
While in its liquid form VA 88 acts to “digest” the insect. As the product dries it forms a residue that then serves to prevent future infestation or to eliminate any residual or reintroduced insect through a nontoxic “mechanical” process.

Ask your Pest Control Professional how you can “VaXinate” to prevent future infestation or eliminate current infestation, today!

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Bedbugs Dallas Texas

Carissa William – Bed Bug Infestation Texas

I have been using Applied Science Labs for the past decade. I own a small chain of hotels and we have seen amazing results from the wonderful staff and the great line of products from Vaxinatewith88.

Bed Bugs Dallas Texas

William Rubenstein – Bed Bugs Dallas TX

I woke up one morning and spotted a bedbug. I was about to throw everything in the house into a dumpster when I found Vaxinatewith88. We were able to save many of our furnishing thanks to their great products